We are a small family-based winery adhering to principles of quality wine making and excellent service to our customers. We firmly believe that the wine we make is capable of competing with some of the world’s most famous brands. Our fine wines are the product of a combination of the hard work of our winemakers and the uniqueness of varying terroir; of detailed attention during each stage of wine making and the usage of up-to-date and time-proven techniques. Finally, it is our commitment to practicing sound environmental management and showing the utmost respect to our customers that underscores all that we do.

To ensure further ensure the premium quality of our wines, we use only the finest grapes from the Cucamonga Valley and from other celebrated regions throughout California…harvested manually, transported in small portions to avoid damage, and hand-processed, our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence is second to none.
Here at Mountain Vista Winery & Vineyards we do our best to ensure that each of our clients gets exceptional assistance. Our team is attentive to our customers needs, and we work hard to make sure that customers receive the premium quality product they expect.

Mountain Vista Winery is passionate about all that we do. Whether it is our signature wine making, our devout service to home winemakers; our desire to educate; and our commitment to celebrating the rich winemaking heritage of the Cucamonga Valley, we strive to do the best in all that we do, because our winegrowing, winemaking, and wine education commitment is second to none. Our passion drives us! We invite you to be part of our passion.

Corinne Ramirez
Chief Operating Officer

A business trip to Napa in the 1990s first spurred Corinne’s interest in one day opening a winery. Her goals for Mountain Vista are simple: “I want it to be a place where people can come to learn about winemaking, enjoy a glass of wine, and have fun.”
George Walker
Director of Winery Operations and Head Winemaker

George became a vintner in his home state of Indiana in 1994. He discovered the rich winemaking heritage of the Cucamonga Valley after moving to Southern California in 2000.

Yvonne Trezona
Director of Finance and Facilities

Yvonne has more than forty years of experience in office management, financial analysis and customer service, with a focus on accounting and finance.
Doug McElroy
Cellar Master

Since his retirement from the banking industry in 2012, Doug McElroy has gone from wine enthusiast to home vintner to cellar master of Mountain Vista Winery & Vineyards.