The Cucamonga Valley AVA

In 1995, the region received a federal designation as an American Viticultural Area, or AVA. The title enables local wineries including Mountain Vista Winery & Vineyards to use the words Cucamonga Valley on their wine labels when utilizing at least 85 percent Cucamonga grapes.

The Cucamonga Valley is a warm climate for grape crops, with summer daytime temperatures often exceeding 100 °F. The valley floor consists of sandy, alluvial soils. Pierce’s disease has also affected vines in the valley. The region is best known for growing heat-tolerant crops, primarily red wines varieties including Alicante Bouschet, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Savignon, Grenache, Mission, Mourvedre and Zinfandel. These grapes showcase the concentration of fruit character typical of Cucamonga, creating wines that are often rich and jammy, with a strong earthy dimension.

Mountain Vista Winery & Vineyards is a committed steward of the Cucamonga Valley’s winemaking heritage, from utilizing local harvests to basing our operations in a century-old winery. We celebrate our region’s role in California winemaking by bottling a balance of classic Cucamonga Valley AVA vintages and wines produced from harvests collected across California, from lush Zinfandels to crisp Chardonnays.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality wines in the historic tradition of the Cucamonga Valley. Located in the heart of the geographic pedigree of many of its wines, Mountain Vista Winery & Vineyards will also be able to use a special Appellation of Origin tag to attest to the premium quality of our locally produced wine.

Join us in celebrating the heritage of Cucamonga Valley wines!