The Historic Biane Family Winery

Our winery and tasting room are located in the picturesque Biane Family Winery complex in Rancho Cucamonga, a historic stone structure built in the shadow of the San Gabriel Mountains—inspiring the Mountain Vista name. 

The winery’s origins date back as early as 1904, when it operated as the Cucamonga Vintage Winey. By 1909, it operated as the Padre winery, thriving by producing wine and shipping wine grapes to the eastern United States. The Padre winery was one of the few California wineries operating both before and during the Prohibition Era, receiving the first federal liquor bond in the state to produce sacramental wines for the Catholic Church. Under new ownership, the winery also produced an “elixer” between 1930 and the end of Prohibition in 1933—liquor that was marketed to doctor and hospitals as a medicinal tonic. 

The complex included two main winery buildings that housed a distillery, a crush room, warehouses, outbuildings and a winemaker’s residence. The primary winery structure included a Vermouth dry wine room, cellars, a bottling area, a champagne vault and a fermenting room.

Between 1937 and 1972, the winery complex underwent ownership changes and significant renovations, including brief ownership by a soda manufacturer. In 1976, vintner Pierre Biane purchased the Padre winery complex and reintroduced winemaking operations to the facility. The winery complex has served largely as an industrial center since Biane’s winemaking operations ceased in 1985.

The Padre/Biane Family Winery is now home to Mountain Vista Winery & Vineyards, including a tasting room where visitors can sample wines made from the premium grape harvests of the Cucamonga Valley AVA, as well as from some of California’s other acclaimed wine regions.