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One of the Nation’s First Wine Growing Empires

In the late 19th century and into the mid 20th century, the Cucamonga Valley of Southern California was home to a thriving vineyard growing and wine producing industry. Nestled in the foreground of the San Gabriel Mountains and the Cucamonga Peak, Cucamonga’s sandy soils boasted of 20,000 contiguous acres of dry-farmed vineyards and, at its peak, more than 30 wineries. The Cucamonga Valley, one of the nation’s first wine growing empires, was founded long before Napa and Sonoma came into fame. Today, the Cucamonga Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) is arguably considered the finest purveyor of Old Vines Zinfandel in the nation, while also producing other premium vintages. Unfortunately, the vineyards here have dwindled over the decades to only about 500 acres, and there are only a scant few working wineries that remain today. The urban sprawl from Los Angeles to the east, the rising value of the lands, and a slowing market for the region’s sweet wines all took a heavy toll on Cucamonga’s wine growing stature, causing the slow demise of what is now an all-but-lost wine growing empire.

But the story does not end there. Not by a longshot. For Cucamonga’s newest winery, Mountain Vista Winery, the story continues and hopefully, builds. Like the Phoenix rising from the fire, Mountain Vista Winery is committed to re-energizing the illustrious heritage of the Cucamonga Valley, while celebrating and sharing Cucamonga’s rich wine growing history and its many fascinating stories. Our winery was founded on the noble idea of re-building Cucamonga’s fame. Through offering premium, hand-crafted local vintages and through working closely with the City of Rancho Cucamonga and our local Chamber of Commerce, we look forward to holding and sponsoring a variety of special events that are enjoyable, educational, and great fun.